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To everyone who spent time with us

It is with a heavy heart that I must inform you that the Millbrook Inn is now closed. The doors will no longer be opening to the cheery faces that have graced us with their presence, and much loved patronage.

We would like to sincerely thank you all for the good times, the stories and the voices that still echo around the pub as I prepare to hand the keys back to the freeholders, who after long and detailed talks have chosen to evict us.

The past four years have seen some incredible achievements, surmounting a few challenging hurdles on the way – who could have predicted the floods that welcomed us as we began this tenure!

But the Millbrook thrived, and we are rightly proud of the legacy: Best Dining Pub in Devon and Michelin plaques on the wall for the last two years running.

Credit where credit’s due – the team made this pub and the plaudits are shared across the bar, kitchen, dining areas and the host of local producers and suppliers who allowed us to feature and showcase their wonderful local produce.

South Pool is a truly special little village and I believe that the Millbrook is the heart of it. Something I carried in my heart, right from the start and as I now leave for the last time.

So, calling time and a final note of gratitude to our customers – you know who you are, and I have the privilege of counting many of you as my friends. You made the past four years an absolute joy.

Charlie, Tess, Juno & Lola X